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This is a invitation to public library organisations to get involved in a new project.

The idea: create a set of data stories using public library data, add a beautiful data visualisation for each one, and publish in physical and digital form.

Each data story will have three requirements:

  • to be engaging and entertaining to a wide audience
  • to contain new insight that can help public libraries make data-informed decisions
  • to be repeatable and openly available to be built upon

What is a data story?

A data story is telling something new and interesting with library data. It could be which communities within a library service read different types of books, which demographics use (or don’t use) our libraries, or how the weather affects library visits. Let’s discuss ideas.

What will the output be?

The set of stories (like case studies) will be made available in physical form. This could be a book, magazine, newspaper, or even set of postcards. Whatever ends up being most accessible and engaging.

For wider reach they will also all be published as openly licensed content in a custom website.

Who should get involved?

This will primarily be public library services who hold library data - such as book loans, library membership, events, etc. But any organisation involved in public library data would be welcome. For example a digital service provider providing access to ebooks, or WiFi. Or a data service organisation collating collection insight or statistics.

For more information, ideas, and thoughts, please email [email protected]

The project will be non-commercial and any data insight will be made available to everyone.

What will we call it?

The project currently has no name. Library data is beautiful? Library data storytelling? Or maybe reuse the classic title, Voyage of the Data Treader? Feel free to make suggestions!